CryptoQuotes InstaFiltre

To popularize the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies to as many people as possible, we have created an Instagram filter called “Crypto Quote”. This filter is a generator of quotes used by holders of cryptoassets.

This filter is an opportunity to have fun during the high and low phases that punctuate the life of a crypto-asset investor and to bring our community together in an extended manner. The Blockchain ecosystem is still small, which is why in the long term, we will want to make a “crypto quotes” fresco to keep track of the early adopters that we are.

It is also the opportunity to give more visibility to our knowledge transmission mission through a series of free monthly conferences. Indeed, far from treating subjects related to Blockchain and cryptoassets from a speculative angle, we are dealing with subjects that focus on the uses and the social impact that these technologies will bring to us in the near future.

Thanks to Angela Hin for having the idea to create this filter, try it to guess your quote of the day and mention @cryptochemists to get reposted! 💯💥😁https: //

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